Ten Songs from 2015 that you should be listening to: #9 Jill Scott’s Prepared

music2-1-57b0cc5098090001[1]I’m a sucker for artists that write and record from the heart; maybe that’s why I have every studio album that “Jilly from Philly” has released. I find her honesty refreshing: everything’s not always ok, sometimes things are good, sometimes bad… and everyone likes grits.

Her 2015 release, Woman, is another peek into her life; however, it feels like the drama has subsided since 2011’s Light of the Sun1. When I first listened to the album, I heard a theme of cleaning up the messes we make along the way. That speaks to me; maybe it’s what I love “Prepared”.

I been reading my old journals
Checking to see where my head has been
And I been apologizing to some people
Some bridges I needed to mend
And I been eating more greens
Getting my body alkaline
I’m gonna be super fine
And I been letting
Been letting some old ideas go
I’m making room for my life to grow
I just wanna be prepared

-Jill Scott, “Prepared”

Being willing to let go of stale ideas in order adopt new ones…. what a great concept.

Jill Scott – Prepared


  1. Case in point: “So Gone (What My Mind Says)”, “Here My Call”, and “Love Soul Bounce”

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