About Me

Make-Today-AwesomeI love technology. And music. And comic books. And great television and movies.

I’m a son to great parents, and a dad to a four wonderful kids. A brother that could probably call and visit his siblings more. A husband that tries to love his wife in words and action.

I’m a Christian that loves my God, yet still questions his plans.

An employee that loves my company, but hates some small parts of my job.

A late-comer to fitness, who loves weight lifting and yoga (and dreads leg days).

My goal, every day, is to make that day an awesome day. I don’t always succeed; often times I fail before I finish my first cup of coffee. Regardless, it’s a manta I’ve adopted over the last year, and it’s served me well. I even created a collage to remind me; it sits over my desk in my home office.

So why do I mention that on an “About Me” page? well, because I think that concept is a key part of what makes me “me”.

I’m a pessimist that’s trying to become – if not an optimist- a believer in the possible. For me, that means thinking about what I can do to make my day, and others day, a good day1.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoying writing and sharing. I’ll write about things that I care about: AWS technology. Fitness. Music. My favorite books and movies. I’ll probably steer clear of religion and politics; I’m not ashamed of my point of view, it’s not a topic I plan to publicize. I’ll also stay clear of sports – because other sites do it much better.

Thanks for reading.

‘IwlIj jachjaj2,


  1. And no, I didn’t have to use my AK
  2. This is Klingon for Cheers – though the word for word translation is “May your blood scream!”