Fitness Gear Review: Rhone’s Silvertech No-Show Socks

Rhone’s no-show no-slip socks are worth every penny.

Rowing machine. Check

Deadlifts. Check

Sprints. Check

Burpees. Check

Pushing a sled. Double check

Simply put: these socks work. THEY. DO. NOT. SLIP.

I knew these were awesome within the first five minutes of working out in them. One of my usual warm-ups is a 3-4 minutes on the rowing machine. Without fail, my old no-show socks always slip off my heel. It’s an annoyance… which becomes a major hindrance when I’m putting in work on the weighted sleigh.

I went through my entire workout before realizing that I never had to stop to readjust my socks. They never slipped. Rhone has placed a small rubber (or maybe its silicone) band right above the heel that stops the socks from slipping.

On top of that, the socks are comfortable. They have some cushion (which helps on runs), but not so much bounce that my lifts are impacted. The socks also have silver woven into the threads – which supposedly help with smells.

In short, $14 may seem like a lot, but it’s totally worth it. I have four pairs, and plan to add more when their next sale comes around (where sometimes you can get 10-20% off, or a free sock with another purchase).

Favorite Workout Gear: Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4

nike free trainers

My Rating:

I try to hit the gym 4-5 times a week: a mix of weights, cardio and recovery activities (yoga and swimming). Through it all, I’ve struggled to find the correct shoes for my weight lifting sessions. My go-to Nike cross-trainers were too cushioned and impacted my form on squats and presses. My Brooks running shoes were ever worse. It got so bad that I would occasionally go barefoot when doing heavy lifts.

I finally decided to buy some shoes that would cover multiple gym activities. After a few weeks of research, I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Nike “Free Trainer” shoes1.

I should have bought these shoes 6 months ago. I LOVE them. They are lightweight and have a low profile – so my form isn’t impacted by the shoe cushion. I can still do some cardio in them. Plus they look nice.

Now if only I could find some decent socks to wear….