Ten Songs from 2015 that you should be listening to: #9 Jill Scott’s Prepared

music2-1-57b0cc5098090001[1]I’m a sucker for artists that write and record from the heart; maybe that’s why I have every studio album that “Jilly from Philly” has released. I find her honesty refreshing: everything’s not always ok, sometimes things are good, sometimes bad… and everyone likes grits.

Her 2015 release, Woman, is another peek into her life; however, it feels like the drama has subsided since 2011’s Light of the Sun1. When I first listened to the album, I heard a theme of cleaning up the messes we make along the way. That speaks to me; maybe it’s what I love “Prepared”.
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The Great American Songbook Countdown – #7: Good Morning Heartache

billie-holiday[1]I first heard “Good Morning Heartache” in 1993 (on Terence Blanchard’s previously mentioned Billie Holiday Songbook); I didn’t fall for the song until 1995, when I purchased Billie Holiday’s Complete Decca Recordings. The song is mesmerizing. Billie sings each verse as if she’s lived the lyrics1.

Good morning, heartache, you ole gloomy sight
Good morning, heartache, thought we’d said goodbye last night
I turned and tossed until it seemed you had gone
But here you are with the dawn
Wish I’d forget you
but you’re here to stay
It seems I met you
When my love went away
Now everyday I start by saying to you
Good morning, heartache, what’s new?

Jill Scott does a decent turn on the song, but nothing beats Billie. Enjoy!

Billie Holiday – Good Morning Heartache