Remembering Teena Marie: #5 – Portuguese Love

Teena MarieI was all set to kick off new posts to my blog with either a ‘Best Of The Year Countdown’ (like the guys at

Then Teena Marie died, and I had to write about her instead.

Anyone who does a quick Google search will quickly know about her big hits (“Ooh La La La”, “Lovergirl”) or her relationship with Rick James.

To lots of us in the music blogdom, Teena is more. She was a white California girl that was fully and unconditionally accepted by the African-American music community. She refused to be categorized to one musical genre – easily incorporating soul, jazz, showtunes, rock, and Latin into her music. She was a singer/songwriter, gifted with an ability to play multiple instruments. She represented what one could do when they refused to let race define what they should say, how they should act, or what their profession should be. And above all else… she could SING!

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