Fitness Gear Review: Crossrope 2.0 Swift Set

A well-made jump rope system that can be used by experts and novices.


My Rating:

If I were to rank fitness exercises, cardio just beats out squats and deadlifts in my list least favorite exercises. I just have never enjoyed running or biking.

When I first started seriously working out, I only focused on weight training. After 3-4 months, my trainer suggested that I add cardio into my weekly workout plan. At the time he recommended sprints. I tried that for a few weeks, then told him we needed to find an alternative. That’s when he suggested jumping rope. I went only Amazon later that week and purchased a set from Crossrope.

Two years later, I’m still jumping rope with the same Crossrope weighted jump rope. While not perfect, it’s got a lot of good things going for it.

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