Fitness Gear Review: Crossrope 2.0 Swift Set

A well-made jump rope system that can be used by experts and novices.


My Rating:

If I were to rank fitness exercises, cardio just beats out squats and deadlifts in my list least favorite exercises. I just have never enjoyed running or biking.

When I first started seriously working out, I only focused on weight training. After 3-4 months, my trainer suggested that I add cardio into my weekly workout plan. At the time he recommended sprints. I tried that for a few weeks, then told him we needed to find an alternative. That’s when he suggested jumping rope. I went only Amazon later that week and purchased a set from Crossrope.

Two years later, I’m still jumping rope with the same Crossrope weighted jump rope. While not perfect, it’s got a lot of good things going for it.

First off, Crossrope uses weighted ropes (instead of weighted handles). This means the weight rotates around your body. According to their website, “a weighted rope generates more force, requiring your body to use multiple muscle systems (including your core) to stabilize itself”; in short – promising a more efficient and intense workout.

My set came with two ropes – 0.75 Lb heavy weight Explode cable and the 3oz Speed cable. I usually use the heavier cable, but when I’m feeling adventurous, I switch to the speed rope. Crossrope’s handle design makes switching between cables easy.

Speaking of the handles – they feel great. My kit came with the Crossrope Quick Handles included. They don’t slip in my hands -even when my mitts are extra sweaty. The heft of the handles feels “just right” – not too heavy or too light.

My only problem with the ropes were the cost ($50… seems a little steep for a jump rope – even one as advanced as the Crossrope 2.0) and the durability of the ropes. The plastic outer covering on my Explode rope is starting to crack off (though I’m still able to use them). [Note: In their new Starter Pack, the ropes are listed as Indoor/Outdoor; maybe this means that the ropes are more durable.]image2

Overall, I really enjoy using my Crossrope. At the time of my purchase, I thought the $50 cost was warranted – as I expected to jump rope 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately, I find that I use it less – because I’m finally doing more running and swimming.

So in short – it’s a great jump rope system, especially if you plan to make jump roping a key part of your workout regimen.

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