Getting the Most out of my Amazon Echo: The Roadmap

I’ve got an awesome smart device in the Amazon Echo. Now I need to use it.

Me with my Amazon Echo (and trophy from Hackster)
Me with my Amazon Echo (and trophy from Hackster)

Two weeks ago, I received an Amazon Echo as part of the prize for Hackster’s Internet of Voice challenge (2nd Place1). I checked the mail every day for its arrival, thinking of all the cool things I could and would do with it.

Fast forward to today, and I’m using the Echo daily… but not at its full potential. I use it for timers, connecting my phone via Bluetooth to play music, and to play Jeopardy. That’s not a diss: with four kids, timers are a necessity. Plus, I love Jeopardy. Still, with a device this powerful, I could be doing more. So, I’m putting together a plan to better use the device as a smart home assistant. Here, at a high level, is my roadmap. Continue reading “Getting the Most out of my Amazon Echo: The Roadmap”

Switching to Playstation Vue: Cost Analysis

Switching to PlayStation Vue could result in $1200 in savings over the next two years.

19992670539_23769d7c20_z[1]I have to admit something: I haven’t been eating my own dog food – at least when it comes to disruptive technologies. My company preaches leveraging disruptors; as a consultant, I constantly encourage my clients to take advantage of the newest tech to reduce capital (and operating cost).

So, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t practiced what I’ve preached – when it comes to communication and media costs. I have a contract with satellite company. I have a home phone with a local provider. Last week, I received a bill from my local telco for $112 – and that’s just for internet service and a home phone (which my family only uses for the alarm and to have in case of an emergency). Continue reading “Switching to Playstation Vue: Cost Analysis”