Remembering Teena Marie: #3 – Now That I Have You

Lady+T+2[1]“Now That I Have You” is the only Teena Marie song that I wish she never recorded. That’s because this song was originally penned for the great Minnie Riperton. Unfortunately, Minnie died in 1979 of breast cancer; Richard Rudolph (her husband) gave it to Teena a year later when he helped to produce the Lady T album.

Because the track wasn’t written by Teena Marie (as are the others on the countdown), “Now That I Have You” doesn’t have the distinctive sound of a Teena Marie ballad. That’s actually a good thing; even with Teena strong, soulful voice, I can ‘hear’ Minnie singing this song.

That’s not to say that Teena doesn’t make it her own; at the 3:30 mark something kicks in, and she takes control of the song. Her vamp of the chorus foreshadows what we would here on her next albums – Irons In The Fire and Robbery.

Teena Marie – Now That I Have You

2 thoughts on “Remembering Teena Marie: #3 – Now That I Have You”

  1. Are you kidding me. I think this is one of the best song on the lady T album. Next in line Can it be love. Teena didn't write alot of songs on this album she co-wrote them. And when I heard Now that I have you I was like damn her vocals take you on a magical ride. From high notes to low. Don't get me wrong I'm sure Minnie would of done just as good as Lady T and I'm sure Minnie would have loved Teena Marie's version. Bottom line is Teena Marie was very much under rated but all in the end stayed true to herself and her fans. Didn't act trashy, sluty like some singer in her era. Ah let's see like Madonna. She was true talent and shared her gift of music very well. I know for sure that I still am bummed out and shocked about her passing and it's been almost two weeks. God rest your soul Lady T.. Gone way to soon and you still had so so so much to offer.

  2. I agree… "Now That I Have You" is the best track off of Lady T (a wonderful album that I wish Motown would re-release).

    Her vocals in this track are superb – I love the chorus.

    But, as great as "Now That I Have You" is, you can't convince me that it's a better top-to-bottom song than "Shadow Boxing" or "Tune In Tomorrow".

    Thanks for the comment!

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