My Favorite Albums: Songs In The Key Of Life

Songs_in_the_key_of_life[1]Last week, I ported over a 4-part series about Steve Wonder’s from my old blog. The posts were about his greatest recording period – the late 60’s and his 1970- 76 “Classic Period”1:

As I re-read the posts, I realized two things:

  1. I  never covered his “Commercial Period” (the 1980’s – where he was one of the most commercial artists of the decade).
  2. I talked about the albums from a technical viewpoint, but not from a personal point of view.

Maybe I’ll write about Stevie’s 1980’s output later on. Today, I’ll cover my favorite Stevie Wonder album; his magnum opus: Songs In The Key of Life. Continue reading “My Favorite Albums: Songs In The Key Of Life”