Ten Songs from 2015 that you should be listening to: #8 Jazmine Sullivan’s Mascara

Jazmine-Sullivan-Mascara-Promo[1]As Kanye once said: “I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold-digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no….”

Well, Jazmine Sullivan does call them gold diggers, in the excellent “Mascara”. Her opening lyrics let you know exactly what’s she’s singing about (in the first person, no less)1:

Yeah my hair and my — fake, but so what?
I get my rent paid with it and my —- get me trips
To places I can’t pronounce right
He said he’d keep it coming if I keep my body tight

Simply put: its a great song with great production from Key Wane. And yeah, it’s about a “kept” woman, but really I think its about all of us – the paranoia or worry we have about our looks.

Most people think I’m shallow
‘Cause I’m always dressed like I’m going out to the club
But I gotta keep up cause it’s new chicks poppin’ up everyday
And they want the same thang

Jazmine Sullivan – Mascara